Ragosta’s Career Switches From Classroom To Kitchen

By Priscilla Lynne Young

Friday, 11-20-2009

First she was Kimberly Beaulieu. Then she got married and her last name became Ragosta. Now, she wants to be called the Birchwood Baker.

And when she’s called, she delivers – but only in East Greenwich – a variety of muffins, cookies and chocolate-dipped pretzel rods.

“I’ve just added some soups, stuffed breads and pies to my list, too” said Kim Ragosta, who launched the Birchwood Baker in late October by distributing flyers around her Lillibridge neighborhood and at the East Greenwich schools where she taught, as well as emailing everyone in her directory. She derived the name for her business from the street she lives on, Birchwood Way.

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Shimberg’s Passion is Equal Education for All

By Priscilla Lynne Young

Saturday, 11-14-2009

Betsy Shimberg has a passion for every child’s right to a good education. Her interest developed years before she settled in East Greenwich and was appointed to the Board of Regents for the state’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

“My children have won what some people call the ‘zip code lottery,’” said Shimberg, whose voluntary service as a regent expires in 2012. “That is, they have access to a better public education than other, equally deserving children in our state, solely because of the zip code their parents can afford to live in. I don’t believe that’s fair. And as a regent, I have the ability to work toward changing that paradigm.”

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Troll Shop Made It Always Halloween on Main Street

By Priscilla Lynne Young

Friday, 10-30-2009

 There was a time, in the not-too-distant past, when it was always Halloween in a certain shop on Main Street. It was called the Flaming Cauldron, but it was better known as the troll shop. 

“I started the store with three pieces of antique furniture that were my grandmother’s and some jewelry that I bought at a gift show in Connecticut,” said Edith Marra, who opened the original Flaming Cauldron in a tiny storefront next to what is now Town Hall in 1974.

When she first went into business, she didn’t plan for the shop to be noted for trolls.

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Canadian Found Friendly Harbor in Greenwich Cove

By Priscilla Lynne Young

Friday, 10-09-2009

 When Gary Burch arrived here this spring to get his new sailboat, he was disappointed that the weather wasn’t any warmer than back home in the Canadian city of Calgary.

But the hospitality was so warm, and the town so charming, that he ended up staying long past the few weeks he originally planned to be in Greenwich Cove. 

At age 58 and an early retiree, Burch is living his dream of life on a sailboat. He plans to shove off in late October, head for Bermuda and then winter in the Caribbean.

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Goodbye Governor, Hello Gavel: Stern Begins New Job Monday

By Priscilla Lynne Young

Friday, 10-02-2009

 On Monday, East Greenwich resident Brian Stern will be sworn in as a justice on the Rhode Island Superior Court. Until three weeks ago, he was working for another notable local. He was the chief of staff to Governor Donald Carcieri.

“I moved out of my office on September 14, and it was bitter sweet,” said Stern, who has been assisting during the administrative transition. “We got a lot of things done,” he said, referring to accomplishments while chief of staff.

“But I was ‘on’ 24/7,” he added. “So, I am happy, and my wife is happy, that I will have a more regular schedule.”

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New Leadership Team Takes Reins at Cole Middle School

By Priscilla Lynne Young

Thursday, 09-17-2009

 It was the second day of classes at Cole Middle School and the hallways were abuzz.  A half a dozen students darted to the office to excitedly report that they couldn’t open their lockers.

The secretary told them to look for Mr. Varrecchione who was down the hall helping others with the same problem. Vin Varrecchione, who has been the school’s athletic director, just took over as assistant principal.

In the meantime, a small group of students surrounded Mrs. Meyer, the new principal. Alexis Meyer has moved into this role after serving as assistant principal at Cole the last four years. 

Varrecchione said, “I have two middle schoolers myself, a 6th and 8th grader. One of their biggest fears is, ‘Am I going to be able to open my locker the first day?’  It’s tricky the first time you learn how to use a combination lock.  They panic if it doesn’t open on the first try.” 

Meyer laughed in agreement, adding, “It’s a big thing.”

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Coach at Brown Lives in Town

By Priscilla Lynne Young

Friday, 09-25-2009
Phil Estes, Brown University’s head football coach, eats breakfast almost every morning at Jiggers, the popular downtown diner on Main Street.

One might imagine the  gridiron guru, whose job includes concern for health and fitness, eating a serving of Wheaties floating in a bowl of low-fat milk, or a plate of scrambled egg whites with a slice of dry, whole wheat toast. One would be wrong.

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